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Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens in Michigan

Boarding schools for troubled teens in Michigan are scholastic based treatment programs that serve adolescents from the ages of 12-17. Parents of difficult teenagers who are in search of a boarding school to help their struggling child have come to the right place. Please call 866-452-8775 to receive more information.

Boarding school programs aim to help teenage boys and girls who are prone to making abnormally bad decisions repair their bad grades and recover lost credits. They often use accelerated learning, educational programs where students are able to finish courses faster than usual. They also spend much more time in school than they normally would at home. As a result, many students who entered the boarding school behind in credits, oftentimes graduate early, before their peers back at home in Michigan.

Typical boarding schools however, do not provide the therapeutic aspects that a therapeutic program does. Rather, they focus on the academic woes of their students. Although they are helpful for teens who need the assistance, they do not target the root of the problem that is causing your child to act out. Lava Heights Academy focuses on academics, as well as multiple forms of therapy to help our students see the error of their ways and make a genuine change of heart.

For parents from Michigan who are searching for boarding schools, please consider Lava Heights Academy as your catalyst for change in your child’s behavior. Please do not wait until it is too late for your child. Contact our caring Family Advocates by calling 866-452-8772 for a free consultation.

Lava Heights Academy Can Save Your Struggling Child's Life

Lava Heights Academy is designed to provide excellence in education, along with life changing therapy for troubled teens from Michigan. We implement individual and group therapy, as well as therapy through the performing arts to help our students let their walls down and allow us to help them overcome their inner struggles.

When are boys and girls take part in the performing arts that we offer to them, they begin to build a bond with our staff members. This enables them to trust us and to let us help them. If you feel as though your child is in need of professional help, please do not hesitate to call Lava Heights Academy at 866-452-8772.

Teenagers who have been adopted experience the same problems that other teens do, like: have trust issues, have profound feelings of loss, act out problems, have fear of abandonment issues, have increased fear of rejection, develop strategies to push people away, they can be antisocial and have a tendency to be provocative, they can also have issues with aggression.

Teens and Experimenting with Drugs and Alcohol

Many adolescents are exposed to alcohol at an early age and are at-risk for experimenting with other drugs and some are easily enticed. Since teenagers are more susceptible than any other age group to developing addiction to alcohol because the areas of the adolescent brain that manage impulse and incentive are not fully formed yet, some are already in the thralls of alcoholism before they reach adulthood.

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Staff | What our staff say

Our movement is our behavior allowing ourselves to express smoothly and openly, means finding our CORE movement is a medicine for creating change in a person?s physical, emotional and mental states.

-Nate Meng

Performing artists are constantly being judged and measured, not only by others, but by themselves.  Self-observation (awareness) is itself the beginning of transformation.

-Dennis Lewis

Posture is also part of our emotional anatomy; how we hold ourselves somatically is related to how we hold ourselves emotionally and psychologically.

-Clyde Ford

Drama showed me how to interact with others.  Most of all, it gave me a way to have excitement in my life without the use of drugs.

-Kurt M

More about us | Integrated Arts

Our therapists come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing their own distinctive Fine Arts experiences, strengths, and specialties - utilizing a range of therapies, including CBT/DBT, art, play, movement and traditional talk therapy.

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