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Therapy through the Arts is integrated into a Complete Treatment Experience

At Lava Heights Academy, we strive for a mufti-faceted, holistic, and integrated approach to your child’s treatment. 

This means that evaluations, decisions, and plans about your child’s treatment are made by a group of professionals from all aspects of our program and not simply by one therapist. 

This group is called the Treatment Team, and it is made up of the following members: the program director, the department directors, the therapists, the nurses, the psychiatrist, and the case manager

Because we believe every employee at Lava Heights is part of your child’s treatment, we also often have Direct Care Shift Supervisors and academic and/or artistic teachers meet with the Treatment Team. 

Department directors always work with the employees in each department to make sure that all employees are seeking to pursue treatment goals established by the Treatment Team.


Positive Creative Expression leads to Overcoming Identity Conflict

IMG_0400Teens struggling with Identity Conflict and High-Risk Behavior are a point of uncertainty and instability for both the individual and their families alike as impulse and high, unstable emotions dictate personal choices without the thought of consequence. Identity conflict is a place of disorientation and role confusion in which the individual projects him/herself in a disingenuous manner in order to gain acceptance and avoid rejection. This can, and often does, create major rifts in family and social dynamics.

Cultivation of the arts is an education of the sensibilities, and if we are not given an education of this kind, if our hands remain empty and our perception of form is unexercised, then in idleness and vacancy we revert to violence and crime.  When there is no will to creation the death instinct takes over and wills endless, gratuitous destruction.” —Sir Herbert Read

At Lava Heights one of our main goals is to help troubled teens arrive at a healthy and personally acceptable resolution of their identity. Moreover, the goal is to help the student to effectively deal with the internal and external conflicts that come with insincere identity projection. We place an emphasis on helping the troubled teenager become comfortable with their true identity; aligning their projected identity with their core beliefs–thus becoming authentic, genuine, and comfortable with who they really are.

As students become comfortable with their true identity we help guide them toward understanding the consequences of their choices, both good and bad. Therapeutic intervention is given to help our students avoid the risky behaviour that is causing their turmoil and inner conflict.

“Art is human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen…  Art can evoke reverence for the dignity of every man… can compel people freely, gladly, and without noticing it, to sacrifice themselves in the service of man.” —Tolstoy

Our Treatment Objectives

  • Healthy and Authentic Identity Development
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
  • Healthy Boundaries of Self Expression with Balance
  • Improved Self-concept through Self-discipline
  • Enhanced Cognitive Abilities – Insight and Reasoning
  • Interpersonal Interactions and Awareness of Self and Others
  • Healthy Relationships and Activities
  • Process Addictions



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We thought we had passed the point that we could reach our daughter. She was within months of turning eighteen and her future was bleak at best with friends pulling her into a world of self destruction.  Lava was a Godsend for our family, and for our daughter. Not only did she overcome the substances she was abusing, she got back on track academically. I only wish her friends were so lucky. Ronald V. - Lancaster, PA

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