When Words Alone Are Not Enough, the Arts Can Help..


We are a Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Teens 12-18 offering Comprehensive Arts Therapy Programs Covering all Four Arts Modalities – Music, Drama, Art and Dance/Movement Therapies..


Art Therapy for Troubled Teens

Our therapists and arts professionals work with teens who have psychological, emotional, behavioral, social, and other developmental challenges – reaching them in ways traditional talk therapy cannot. The arts provide a way for students to communicate and overcome complex feelings, fears and struggles when words alone are not enough. Everyone was born to create – a background in the arts isn’t a necessity.

The therapeutic programs we offer to troubled teens, both boys and girls, are solely based through the performing arts (creative arts therapies). At Lava Heights Academy, performing arts are used therapeutically, as well as academically, as a way for the students to build confidence and create a healthy identity.

Our students are creative and artistic young men and young women who find the arts to be an effective way to heal an inner world that is currently filled with conflict and confusion. We effectually use creative arts therapy through the spirit of performing arts. Creative arts therapy, also known as “creative arts therapy”, is the use of the performing arts as a form of effective therapy.



Creative Arts Therapy – The Spirit of Performing Arts

Unlike traditional art expression, the process of creative arts therapy is focused on the “creative” expression process and not the end product. Creative arts therapy is based on the belief that certain troubled teens can heal through use of various forms of creative expression. Creative arts therapy is the practice of using dance, music, theatre, and visual arts in an integrated therapeutic manner.

The purpose is to use expressive arts as a form of therapy to enhance emotional healing. It is about self-discovery through the creative expression of our individual unique life experience using the performing arts. Creative arts therapy is experiencing “life” through creative expression, finding ways to heal as we process “art” experience. Our therapeutic programs are uniquely powerful for troubled boys or girls who have innate and natural artistic gifts that can be used for their personal growth.

Unique Therapeutic Programs for Uniquely Gifted Troubled Teens

Your child is precious to you and you’ve always had great aspiration for his or her future – a future in which they excel, reaching their highest potential academically, socially and vocationally.

You’ve held on to a future in which your child progresses boldly into adulthood with the ability to overcome and conquer life’s challenges. Unfortunately, your child is stuck in the turmoil of adolescence – specifically identity conflict. For your child many issues have arisen that you did not expect, and your son or daughter has not responded well.

If your son or daughter is experiencing an identity conflict and his or her behavior is disrupting the entire family, then you are most likely experiencing a great deal of turmoil and confusion also. Perhaps their behavior is in opposition with their own set of values, and they seem to be making poor choices that have worsened over time. We can help, because Lava Heights Academy is the perfect solution for troubled teens suffering through an identity crisis.

Creative Arts Therapy – Therapeutic Programs Effective with Artistic Troubled Teens

We combine a caring environment with a unique therapeutic program approach tailored to meet the specific needs of artistic teens. Our goal is to help them build solid life skills and an authentic identity through Creative Arts Therapies.

Creative arts therapy offers an individualized approach that is unique to each student. We consider the relationship between our therapeutic team (therapists, teachers, and support staff) and our students to be of the utmost importance in providing therapeutic victory. Our team approach is the success behind our therapeutic programs.

Our therapists and counselors come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing their own distinctive performing arts experience. Their individual strengths bring forth hundreds of years of combined professional experience.

Strength-based Resilience Approach

Students come to Lava Heights Academy with serious challenges due to identity conflict. Our therapists, teachers, and residential staff use a “strength-based” perspective recognizing that student has inherent resiliency. Essentially, they already have what it takes to succeed.

Resilence means that regardless of their emotional and behavioral problems we believe that our students have innate and inherent values that can be strengthened and applied to overcoming their current problems. At Lava Heights Academy, we help each student identify his or her own resiliency and work to increase their gifts and talents to discover their true selves.

Individual – Group – Family Therapy

Our therapeutic programs for troubled teens provide individual, group and family therapy offered through licensed therapists. Our Creative Arts Therapy program is the main therapeutic approach including the performing arts and academic programs such as college preparatory (AP) courses.

Our residential program is based on positive peer culture and is designed to deal with behavioral, social, and relational issues that seem to hold the student back from his or her full potential. Our Creative Arts Therapy program combined with positive peer culture is the foundation of our therapeutic programs.

At Lava Heights Academy we empower troubled teens and their families by strengthening resiliency with therapeutic interventions based in the performing arts.

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We thought we had passed the point that we could reach our daughter. She was within months of turning eighteen and her future was bleak at best with friends pulling her into a world of self destruction.  Lava was a Godsend for our family, and for our daughter. Not only did she overcome the substances she was abusing, she got back on track academically. I only wish her friends were so lucky. Ronald V. - Lancaster, PA


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