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Theatrical Arts Therapy – Drama Therapy for Troubled Teens

Drama therapy for troubled teensAt┬áLava Heights Academy, we use integrated theatrical arts – or drama therapy for troubled teens, as one of the main therapeutic components (creative arts therapy) to serve struggling teens, both boys and girls. Theatrical arts integrated therapy is one of four therapeutic components at Lava Heights that form the basis to an overall excellent treatment experience. We are not the usual traditional residential treatment center for troubled teens. What makes us different? We offer a premium education, authentic fine arts training, and therapeutic intervention through a performing arts program. Specifically, we use theatrical arts as a pathway to self-discovery and healing.

At Lava Heights we promote creative arts therapy through professional quality theatrical productions. Our students train and practice to perform on stage, giving our students the opportunity to develop their talent, work with others, which leads to self-discovery and and inner healing

[spacer] When parents are considering Lava Heights, and they compare our program with other residential treatment options, it’s easy for them to see that we offer troubled teens an unmatched value that goes beyond “treatment”. We are the pioneer theatrical arts therapy program. Meaning, other residential treatment centers may offer theatre and therapy, but we have improved this method by combining theatrical arts and experiential therapy – creating creative arts therapy that works.

Our Experienced Staff are Equipped and Trained Creative arts Therapists

Our staff of therapists, teachers, residential counselors are specifically equipped and trained in the performing arts, and the outcome is that our students attain the emotional and behavioral breakthrough that will propel them into a healthy life. Students come to Lava Heights Academy with serious emotional and academic challenges. Our professional clinicians and caring residential staff approach our students from a strengths-based perspective, recognizing that each student has inherent resiliency that can be used to enhance the therapeutic intervention. Essentially, we use theatrical arts training as our experiential therapy with awesome, lasting results.

Performing arts therapy and education is at the core of our therapeutic program. It is our primary focus

[spacer] Strength-based resiliency is the belief that in each teenager there are inherent gifts and talents that can be strengthened and used to improve emotional and behavioral functioning. We use theatrical performing arts at Lava Heights Academy, helping each student identify their own inner gifts and use them to grow emotionally, socially, and academically. Our goal is not just to restore troubled teens, but to allow them to launch into a powerful future through the theatrical experience.

Drama Therapy for Troubled Teens – A Strengths-based Approach to Treatment

At Lava Heights Academy theatrical arts are used as a strength-based approach to increased self-confidence and improved self-identity. Through theatrical expression, performance, and creative arts therapy our students develop a healthy, stable identity.

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