Group Homes for Troubled Teens Living in Florida

Group Homes for troubled teens living in Florida are numerous, but parents do not have to solely focus on Florida to find great help for their child.  Lava Heights Academy is a residential treatment center located in Utah and we serve families all over the United States.  Parents in Florida can take comfort that their kids will be in great hands.

Our program serves troubled teens who are in need of immediate psychiatric and substance abuse intervention.  These youths are not yet capable to live in group home or are not so far off that they merit being placed in a psychiatric hospital.

Our team of qualified admissions counselors can help parents determine what level of care that their struggling adolescents require.  Contact us at 1-866-452-8772.  We can help.

Teens placed in group homes generally are capable of being trusted to follow through with their care.  They can be trusted to attend local schools, hold a steady job and participate in the community.  Teens in our care are not yet at that level and typically require a certain level of supervision and eventually can graduate to a transition program.


Find a Solution for Troubled Teens at Lava Heights Academy

Lava Heights Academy is a performing arts residential treatment center that helps troubled adolescents dealing with various issues.  Struggling boys and girls have the opportunity for self-discovery through our program.  They can gain foundational core values through the metaphorical approach of using art, music, theater and dance.

We teach troubled teens the value in their struggles.  In gaining the proper tools, they are a step ahead of their peers back home because they possess the skills and means to deal with future struggles into adulthood.

At Lava Heights Academy, we understand that it takes not only time for healing, but creativity as well.  When all other options have failed, parents can turn to our program for a breath of fresh air and life changing therapy.  Contact us for more information about our program. 1-866-4528772

Group Homes facilities for teens in Florida

Brookwood Florida – St. Petersburg, FL

Real Life Children's Ranch – Okeechobee, FL

Cities in Florida we have served:

Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie, Miami Beach, Sunrise, Plantation, West Palm Beach, Palm Bay, Lakeland, Pompano Beach, Brandon, Davie and Kendall

Staff | What our staff say

Our movement is our behavior allowing ourselves to express smoothly and openly, means finding our CORE movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.

-Nate Meng

Performing artists are constantly being judged and measured, not only by others, but by themselves.  Self-observation (awareness) is itself the beginning of transformation.

-Dennis Lewis

Posture is also part of our emotional anatomy; how we hold ourselves somatically is related to how we hold ourselves emotionally and psychologically.

-Clyde Ford

Drama showed me how to interact with others.  Most of all, it gave me a way to have excitement in my life without the use of drugs.

-Kurt M

More about us | Integrated Arts

In addition to expressive art’s therapeutic techniques, our therapists utilize a range of approaches including CBT/DBT and traditional talk therapy. Along with weekly individual therapy sessions, our students participate with their families in weekly therapy sessions and are provided daily therapeutic training in the fine arts in both group classes and individual settings. Our academic program is fully accredited and actively applies online, hybrid, experiential, and arts-based instruction.

 For more information about our program, please download our PDF brochure

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