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Like our students, our staff and team members come from all walks of life, and from many different backgrounds.

Our staff aren’t just people who work for us, or with us – they are like family to us and to the students. Our team members are not only highly educated in their specialized areas of expertise, they are good role models for each other and for the students.

The nature of the arts in therapy provides many opportunities to have fun when traditionally therapy is anything but fun. 

Our team members enjoy getting involved in the activities, and you’ll see them getting dirty in a finger painting project, playing dodge ball in the gym, attending student productions with their families, and being the model for a student’s photography project.


Administrative Team

Front Office Manager

Clinical Team


Academic Team

Assistant Academic Director
Principal/Director of Education
Music Instructor

Residential Team

Residential Director
Shift Supervisor
Shift Supervisor
Physical Education Teacher


Artistic Team

Artistic Director
Theatre Instructor/Drama Therapist
Visual Arts Instructor/Art Therapist/Substance Counselor

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We loved how family focused the program and therapy was at Lava. We could see that the problems our daughter was facing was affecting the whole family and while she was there we also worked on our issues at home.  The family therapy was essential, I don’t think we would be so close as a family without the wonderful help you gave us.  Thank you.  Edi J. - Boise, ID


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