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Our Video Gallery

Here are a few videos that will help you gain an understanding of what we do and how we help troubled teens heal and grow through therapy using the arts.  When words alone are not enough – the arts are invaluable tools to help individuals evaluate, consider, process, and express complex feelings, fears, and  emotions – reaching them in ways that traditional talk therapy cannot.

Positive Peer Culture

One of the most effective tools we have at our disposal is our Positive Peer Culture.  Using Positive Peer Culture,  students and staff alike, operate in a purposeful culture of shared positive values.  When we live together, work together, and truly care about one another, tremendous benefits are reaped by all parties.

This is what a Positive Peer Culture is all about. It’s more than just praise for doing a good job, it’s encouragement of peers to do the right thing, to be honest and true to yourself, and to be – and become the best version of the person you truly want to be.

The Labyrinth as a Therapeutic Tool

In the center courtyard of our campus you’ll find an interesting pattern of grass and stone.  We call it the Labyrinth.  Not only is it interesting to look at and fun walk through the winding path to the star in the center – it is also a tool used in therapy.

The labyrinth provides a physical metaphor – a place to process feelings, emotions, and other issues as you walk through the path toward the center goal where you can leave problems, issues, fears or concerns there to address further with the therapist.

Dr. Nathan Meng describes a few of the ways therapists at Lava Heights Academy use the Labyrinth in the therapeutic process.


What is Art Therapy Like?

How does Art enable an art professional and therapist to get individuals to open up about their thoughts, fears, and emotions?

Just like it is difficult to describe in words, here on this page – just what Art Therapy is like, how it works, and how effective it really is, it is difficult for people of all kinds, ages, and situations to effectively evaluate, communicate, and express inner feelings and emotions with just the use of words.

That’s why we’ve provided a video produced by SoulPancake that shows how a small, simple exercise using art as a tool can get anyone of any age to change the state of their happiness in a measurable way.

You may be thinking, “my child isn’t an artist” or “my child doesn’t have a current interest in art” – Creative Arts Therapies utilize a strenghs-based approach to working with individuals where one can explore their own unique talents and skills.

Art therapy isn’t about producing fine works of art, it’s about exploration through creativity.  It’s not the artistic value of the product, it’s the meaning behind it.  No artistic background is necessary.

It was tough being so far away from our home, but there was nothing like your school anywhere in the east. We can’t say enough about how effective your program is, and how it reached our daughter when nothing else did. We continued on with our family therapist after she returned home and she has been so impressed with her confidence and openness. Thank you for everything.Paul & Olivia A. - Chapel Hill, NC
The choice, it appears, was a good one.  My granddaughter seems to be genuinely enjoying her stay in Utah. I have also enjoyed being included in the family weekend activities and lessons you have provided. Your work in reuniting families should be followed by other schools wishing to better society… A.L. Richter - Long Beach, CA
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