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Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Teens | IndianaResidential Treatment Centers for troubled teens in Indiana are required when struggling teenagers have found themselves lost to the streets in need of help.  Meaning, the behavioral patterns they are displaying and the choices they are making, warrant intensive therapeutic intervention. Lava Heights Academy helps troubled teens residing in Indiana ages 13-18 who have found themselves at a point of loss and frustration.  We are an elite residential treatment center addressing an array of issues.  For more information on our program please visit our website and call us today at 866-452-8772.

Some parents do not know the appropriate residential treatment centers for troubled teens.  Parents from Indiana have many good choices, but which program is best for their adolescent?  Parents need unbiased professional therapeutic assistance in determining the best match for their child.

Residential treatment centers for troubled teens in Indiana may not be appropriate for teens that have minor behavioral issues.  Adolescents that need immediate residential treatment intervention are teenagers who are suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar mood disorders, and addictions.  These adolescents are in the midst of "self-harm", seeking relief to their emotional struggles.  These teenagers are in trouble and they need immediate therapeutic intervention before something drastic takes place.  These struggling youths need an out-of-home placement in residential treatment centers to overcome their problems and completely recuperate. 

Signs of Troubled Teens struggling with Substance Abuse

Using drugs despite negative consequences
Using drugs to relax or feel better
Risky Behavior - Driving under the influence
Physical changes due to drug use
Getting into trouble due to using drugs
Friends or family notice and are concerned about the drug use

Typical Residential Treatment Centers Family Profile

I am a prisoner in my own home
Will this nightmare ever end?
My family is torn apart and we are lost
I walk on eggshells in my own home
Reaching out for help, but "who do I listen to?"
Angry and afraid, "why me?"
Fearful of answering the phone
Waiting for the next shoe to drop

Lava Heights Academy serves Troubled Teens (boys & girls) ages 13-18 from Indiana.  We have intense inpatient therapy to restructure your teen and restore your family.  For more information please call us today at 866-452-8772 and speak to our Admissions Counselors.

Lava Heights Academy serves Troubled Teens from the following cities in Indiana:

Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Gary, Hammond, Bloomington, Muncie, Anderson, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Elkhart, Mishawaka, Kokomo, Richmond, Columbus, Lawrence, Fishers, Carmel, New Albany, Greenwood, Portage, Michigan City and East Chicago

Staff | What our staff say

Our movement is our behavior allowing ourselves to express smoothly and openly, means finding our CORE movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.

-Nate Meng

Performing artists are constantly being judged and measured, not only by others, but by themselves.  Self-observation (awareness) is itself the beginning of transformation.

-Dennis Lewis

Posture is also part of our emotional anatomy; how we hold ourselves somatically is related to how we hold ourselves emotionally and psychologically.

-Clyde Ford

Drama showed me how to interact with others.  Most of all, it gave me a way to have excitement in my life without the use of drugs.

-Kurt M

More about us | Integrated Arts

In addition to expressive art’s therapeutic techniques, our therapists utilize a range of approaches including CBT/DBT and traditional talk therapy. Along with weekly individual therapy sessions, our students participate with their families in weekly therapy sessions and are provided daily therapeutic training in the fine arts in both group classes and individual settings. Our academic program is fully accredited and actively applies online, hybrid, experiential, and arts-based instruction.

 For more information about our program, please download our PDF brochure

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