Troubled Teens Therapeutic Programs in San Antonio, Texas

Creativity is a common asset amongst teens, and when troubled teens living in San Antonio, TX need therapeutic programs for IMG 6237recovery, parents should look towards Lava Heights Academy as a strong, arts minded option. All troubled teens come with a set of issues that they all handle differently. Expression of self can be difficult for some troubled teens, but Lava Heights Academy provides the tools for troubled teens who just need someone to listen and recognize them for who they really are. Due to the fact that identity is something that is so difficult for troubled teens to acquire, Lava Heights Academy focuses on self-discovery in the whole of our treatment programs. Call us at 1-866-452-8772.

Relationship problems, substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and emotional struggles are all problems that troubled teens face throughout their lives, especially in times of adolescence. Learning to deal with every problem that arises in ways that are positive and beneficial are what we attempt to help troubled teens with. Lava Heights Academy is a completely welcoming facility. Families may feel nervous about sending their troubled teens to a place such as this, especially one that is so far away from their hometown (Lava Heights Academy is located in Utah). We are able to work with parents to completely educate them on what to expect for their troubled teens.

Lava Heights Academy Typical Family Profile

Feeling all alone and looking for an answer

I am afraid for his (or her) life

I don't sleep well at night

Fearful of answering the phone

Caring and Dedicated

Hurting - Confused - Feeling Lost

Tried Everything - Frustrated

Waiting for the next shoe to drop

You know there is a solution, but "where?"

Confused and gun shy... already tried everything

Lava Heights Academy is the perfect option for troubled teens who are creative and need some sort of therapeutic support. Call us today at 1-866-452-8772.

Programs for Troubled Teens 

TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas

Staff | What our staff say

Posture is also part of our emotional anatomy; how we hold ourselves somatically is related to how we hold ourselves emotionally and psychologically.

-Clyde Ford

Our movement is our behavior allowing ourselves to express smoothly and openly, means finding our CORE movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.

-Nate Meng

Performing artists are constantly being judged and measured, not only by others, but by themselves.  Self-observation (awareness) is itself the beginning of transformation.

-Dennis Lewis

Drama showed me how to interact with others.  Most of all, it gave me a way to have excitement in my life without the use of drugs.

-Kurt M

More about us | Integrated Arts

In addition to expressive art’s therapeutic techniques, our therapists utilize a range of approaches including CBT/DBT and traditional talk therapy. Along with weekly individual therapy sessions, our students participate with their families in weekly therapy sessions and are provided daily therapeutic training in the fine arts in both group classes and individual settings. Our academic program is fully accredited and actively applies online, hybrid, experiential, and arts-based instruction.

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